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Thursday, February 07, 2008

magickal afternoon

Recently a crafty friend made a necklace for me. On one side is the word “student” and on the other, “witch.” I love that the necklace captures two sides of my life, but I can choose which one to reveal to the world.

This afternoon I decided to wander into Crystal Heart, a local metaphysical store. I visit this store fairly regularly, and wanted to get more information about their upcoming wellness faire. At first I was disappointed that the normal person I talk to wasn’t working today. And the person who was there didn’t have much info about the faire, since the format is changing and another person is organizing it.

We chatted for a minute – about the faire and a mutual friend, and I mentioned that I am a part-time student. That led to the inevitable question, “what are you going to school for?” I responded that I just started working on a Master’s in Counseling.

To my surprise, the woman I was talking to already has a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, from a university which emphasizes “positive psychology.” In addition to working behind the counter, she has started a life-coaching practice. Effectively blending counseling with an interest in metaphysics. I have thought about how my “student” side and “witch” side relate and interact, but wasn’t what this would look like after graduation. Now I have some more things to think about, and an actual person to ask when I think of more questions.

I don’t know yet how I want to blend my Pagan spirituality with my counseling practice, but now I know that there is some precedence for this kind of work and there are resources out there. This wasn’t the conversation I had expected when I walked in the door this afternoon, but was the conversation I needed to have.

I think the feeling I had as I left the store can best be summed up in the words of a popular bumper sticker:

“The Goddess is alive and Magick is afoot.”

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